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3 May 2018

Congratulations SPK Saint Peter School Class of 2018 Graduates – You made it!

Congratulations SPK Saint Peter School Class of 2018 Graduates – You made it!

It is with a tremendous amount of pride and pleasure that I wish each member of the Class of 2018 congratulations. As members of our school community, this is an opportunity to reflect on your accomplishments and to prepare for future opportunities that lie ahead. Graduation is not the end of your journey, but it is a start of something new.

Revel in this moment and take the time to thank all who have been instrumental in helping you achieve this milestone. It goes without saying, don’t forget your parents when you are passing along words of appreciation to all who have been influential in your accomplishments.

I would like to impart some food for thought by Robert Kiyosaki,

“The process is testing you as well as teaching you. If you pass the test and learn the lessons, you get to go on to you next process. If you fail a test and quit rather than retake the test, then the process spits you out.”

Being someone who knows how to make a million dollars is infinitely better than simply having the money. Being diligently prepare and resource yourself with the skill to get 100 points in exam is absolutely better than simply getting the mark. Yet this isn’t how most people see value. Most people perceive all the value to be in the result, not the process. Enjoy your next journey and make every step worth to learn!

With love,

Endaryati Rahayu, S.Si
SPK Principal (Secondary)

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