8 April 2021

Reading and meditation on the Word of God on Thursday in the Octave of Easter, April 8, 2021

Jesus, the author of life you put to death, but God raised him from the dead. Reading and meditation on the Word of God on Thursday in the octave of Easter, April 8, 2021. Reading is delivered by Lavinia Evangeline Koordi and meditation delivered by Mark Jason Garcia, they are from the Church of Santo Yohanes Bosco in Jakarta, Indonesia. Acts of Apostles 3: 11-26; Rs psalm 8: 2a.5.6-7.8-9; Luke 24: 35-48.


Our meditation today has the theme: Peace of Easter. A series of apparitions of the risen Lord should be considered as our Easter gifts. The encounter on various occasions indeed provided also various stories and their messages. If we may say something meaningful from all these messages, the most central and important one should be about the message of peace.

When the eleven apostles gathered to share their stories about their encounters with the risen Christ, then followed by the two disciples who had just returned from Emmaus, a community of the followers of Christ was increasingly established, although they were still in great loss for their Master, Jesus Christ. This community was filled with a mixture of things all together, such as stories, belief, confusion, questions raised, and of course their sense of wonder. In the context of that community and unity, Jesus once again appeared in their midst and offered them a gift, from His own words: Peace be with you!

This message of peace became the main point in the apostle Peter’s preaching to the crowd, after the miracle of healing a paralytic he performed. The miracle had caused a mixture of feelings to people around such as awe, wonder, suspicion, doubt, gratitude and belief. So Peter recalled the truth from the risen Lord in order to bring peace, calmness and security rather than to leave the situation out of control. The outcome of it was that many people could resolve their perception about what was being preached  and they came to believe in Jesus Christ.

A message of peace from the risen Christ to the apostles who at that moment were confused, afraid, suspicious, and hard to believe, aimed to make them true believers. Peace is able to eliminate all negative feelings and thoughts. Peace presents serenity, comfort, and joy in one’s soul so that in the end people will decide what is right to be followed and evil or false to be avoided.

However, sometimes the message of peace tends to be simply a theory and sort of belief. This will make our life not fully living in peace. It is, perhaps, the efforts to create peace or to have some true living examples of peace are hard to find. It is not enough for people to just talk, teach, convince, and illustrate ways about obtaining a life in peace. People must be able to live it out, or at least to practice in real life ways to create peace in living together with neighbors and the environment.

One example made by the risen Jesus was His sincerity and straightforwardness about himself, as He involved Himself and became one with the apostles and disciples. This really had eliminated fear and doubt that had been disturbing them so far after Jesus’s death and resurrection. Let us always be reminded that when doubt, fear, suspicion, lack of trust still exist in this life, peace will not find its place in our lives.

Let’s pray. In the name of the Father … Almighty Father, may Your Spirit fill us with peace from You that makes us always rejoice in sharing the gifts from ourselves to others. Our Father who art in heaven… In the name of the Father

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