14 April 2021

Reading and meditation on the Word of God on Wednesday of the Second Week of Easter, April 14, 2021

Look, the men whom you put in prison are in the temple area and are teaching many people. Reading and meditation on the Word of God on Wednesday of the 2nd week of Easter, April 14, 2021. Reading and meditation are delivered by Victor Mario Havel, from the Church of Santo Yohanes Bosco, in Jakarta, Indonesia. Acts of the Apostles 5: 17-26; Rs psalm 34: 2-3.4-5.6-7.8-9; Yohanes 3: 16-21.


The theme for our meditation today is: From Darkness to Light. Easter is our real experience of faith in having and using the light of Jesus Christ. His resurrection from the dead as an act of the great power of the Lord indeed removes and overcomes the power of death. His powerful and everlasting light dispells darkness. In essence, the spirit of Easter is to guide us and to keep us always walk in the light of Jesus Christ. Easter makes a major change for this life forever, that is the transformation from darkness to light.

The transition from darkness to light as an element of our faith is the truth that is everlasting although we still obtain the eternal life in the future. Before His death, Jesus had already spoken plainly about this truth of faith to Nicodemus. He presented Himself as the light that had come into the world. Because He is the light itself, the world that had been in darkness and totally threatened by sins was penetrated by Him and light overcame that darkness. Some people encountered and embraced that light, but many others were not willing to accept and acknowledge that light. Nicodemus represented those who were drawn to the light, so they had a very precious opportunity to arrive at and lived with that light.

Many of our faith experiences prove that we do have desires to come to that light. But having a desire or feeling alone is not enough. What actually needed is the realization of that desire and it is in this point that people choose to abandon their darkness lives and then come to accept, acknowledge and believe in the light, which is none other than Jesus Christ Himself. Many of us the followers of Jesus have passed through these stages, it maybe sometimes ago or maybe very recently, until we arrive now at this moment being the children of the light. There are so many experiences found here among us that explain how the children of light live out their commitment always guided by the light of of Easter, which is the movement from darkness to light.

The story in the Acts of the Apostles about the apostles who were set free from the prison cells and returning to preach the gospel in the temple, is for us a good lesson. It is about someone’s being guided by the spirit of Easter when he or she is in danger or in trouble. The implementation of the spirit of Easter in daily life is obligatory for everyone who has commitment to the risen Christ. We are convinced that when we fall into sufferings and sins, lost in the darkness of this world, encounter various difficulties, and face the dangers that come along our ways, we must be able to see the light then rise up to walk again in the spirit of true faith.

Surely, the spirit Easter which is from darkness to light continues to animate our entire lives. If this spirit is alive and active within you, just keep it up. But if it is fading and dying within you, then regain its vitality by invoking for it from the Lord Jesus himself.

Let’s pray. In the name of the Father … O Jesus Christ, may we always live and walk in Your glorious light. Our Father who art in heaven … In the name of the Father …

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