30 April 2021

Reading and meditation on the Word of God on Friday of the 4th week of Easter, April 30, 2021

What God promised our fathers He has brought to fulfillmemt for us, by raising up Jesus. Reading and meditation on the Word of God on Friday of the 4th week of Easter, April 30, 2021. Reading is delivered by Marudut and meditation delivered by Ivanez, they are from Saint Peter’s School in Jakarta, Indonesia. Acts of the Apostles 13: 26-33; Rs psalm 2: 6-7.8-9.10-11; John 14: 1-6.


The theme for our meditation today is: The Way, the Truth and the Life. There were two of Jesus’ apostles named Thomas and Philip, who raised a question to Jesus about the purpose of their journey in this life on earth. It’s understandable, for the teachings of Jesus about the the house of the Father were apparently too complicated for them to understand. Thus, they asked about where and how each one of them should take a journey. This should be a matter of ignorance, and most probably a case of stupidity for people like them who had been with Jesus all days and nights. They really did not know the purpose of following Jesus; therefore, they indeed needed more elaboration from the Master, Jesus Christ.

To overcome this ignorance, Jesus gave an answer which serves also to guide us throughout the ages, as expressed in the statement that says: He is the way, the truth, and the life. By practicing and implementing this teaching, those who are lost will find the way, those who are ignorant will find the truth and knowledge, and those who lost hope will find hope in life.

Jesus is the way, should be the best choice for everyone. There are so many choices of life’s direction, but Jesus makes Himself a true way for all of us. There are callings, duties, professions, services and dedications of various persons in the world that benefit them in their lives. However, a person’s life will become perfect only if he or she uses the way of Jesus Christ in order to fulfill each one’s calling or service.

Jesus is the truth, should be a moral principle and spiritual force that enlightens the minds and hearts of all people. Our Christian justification as the followers of Christ is based on our faith in Him alone. In Jesus, the truth of our words and deeds will free us from any form of influence or other teachings that lead us away from God and that will cause us suffering. The truth is found in His teachings and commandments.

Jesus is the life, should be for us both a life on this world as we embrace it with hope and a life we will have it after our death. His resurrection encourages us to always raise up and make another try every time we experience failures and fall into sin. We must not deny our dignity as the image and likeness of God in this world, because after this period of life on earth we will reach its perfection.

In fact, this teaching of Jesus was repeated by Saint Paul when spoke about Jesus Christ to the Jewish people who had been elsewhere outside Jerusalem. Saint Paul aimed to please them and bring them to the way of faith in Jesus Christ. In our lives today, this principle of teaching is the true guidance for our lives, not just words that please our hearts but also the examples that lead us to a true life in the Lord. Let’s pray. In the name of the Father … O Lord Jesus Christ, grant that we continue wholeheartedly to believe in You as our way, truth, and life in this world. Glory to the Father and to the Son … In the name of the Father …

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