About Us

About Us


  1. Saint Paul Chapel
  2. Mini Chapel
  3. Saint Peter Auditorium which can accommodate 1000 people
  4. Air-conditioned classrooms with students lockers
  5. Multimedia teaching using LCD projectors
  6. Internet hotspot at Saint Peter Complex
  7. Science laboratories (Physics, Chemistry dan Biology)
  8. Computer laboratories. All computers are installed with licensed Windows operating system and Office applications through Microsoft School Agreement
  9. Language laboratories
  10. Sports facilities
    • Basketball field
    • Futsal field
    • Swimming pool
    • Indoor Badminton Court
    • Indoor gym
    • Tennis Court
    • Table Tennis Courts
  11. Well resourced library
  12. Music rooms
  13. Clinic (UKS) staffed by medical nurse
  14. Cafetaria
  15. Book Store
  16. Closed gate security
  17. Details facilities for Kindergarten, Primary School, Junior High School, Senior High School and international can be seen on each school section

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