About Us

About Us


A personal approach means each child can gain the confidence they need to excel. The feeling of home is one of the most distinctive characteristics of St. Peter’s School. It very much feels like a large family with the common interest of raising our children together. Creating confident students who feel safe to try new things is at the core of our mission.

Enriching programs give children a world of learning. In addition to the core subjects, each child is exposed to science, music, art, and physical education. St. Peter’s School is committed to the idea that all children need to be exposed to a wide variety of subject matter. St. Peter’s School prepares students for a successful university experience and beyond. St. Peter’s School graduates go on to college, where they are highly successful. Our graduates go on to college, universities around the world.

The community of Saint Peter School is bound by faith and is committed to the teachings of Jesus Christ and the message of God’s love as found in Scripture. Students, teachers, and parents are recognized for their unique ability to think and reason as members of a faith-filled community.

The educational process offers opportunities to deepen the faith of its members and develop a unique relationship between God, ourselves, and others. St. Peter’s strives to create an atmosphere of respect imbued with strong Christian values that will enable students to weave their faith with academic achievements.

The endeavor of the faculty is to develop the whole person: affection, mind, body, and personal and social development. Believing that all students are unique and should be provided with equal opportunities to learn, differentiated instruction must be provided. Employing a variety of teachings methods reflect our belief that all children can learn.

Influenced by the teachings of Jesus Christ, we consider stewardship a way of life. We resolve ourselves to cultivate a commitment to serve others, and in doing so develop responsible leaders.

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