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About Us

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St. Peter’s students are a remarkable group. They are confident and yet humble learners and regularly go on to leadership positions in college, and beyond. Our alumni regularly tell us that the foundation they developed here allowed them to confidently move forward in their academic careers. St. Peter’s believes in educating the whole child and works hard to not only teach core academic subjects, but also to acknowledge the importance of art, music, athletics, theater, and citizenship. Every aspect of the school day is important and learning occurs everywhere: in the classrooms, in the hallway, on field trips, and even at lunch.

At the core of St. Peter’s program is the individualized nature of each child’s education. With our small class sizes, it is possible to know each child as a learner and to work closely with home to create the best educational program we can. Regular communication is the norm and you will find that everyone at the school has an open door policy, including me. You know your child best at home and we know them best at school. By working together, we can create the best possible environment for learning.

We invite you to explore this website and learn about St. Peter’s Catholic School. Our vision is to work closely with every family so that each student can develop his or her unique gifts in a safe and supportive environment.
Of course, this website only gives a flavor of the school and one must visit St. Peter’s to understand what truly makes it special.


We look forward to seeing you on campus.

Your Faithfully,

Saint Peter Foundation