SPK Saint Peter School

SPK Saint Peter School


SPK Saint Peter School curriculum offers the framework and educational qualifications of the world-renown University of Cambridge. It offers a wide range of academic choices that allows students to develop an integrated understanding of global challenges.

Our curriculum is relevant internationally and designed to be culturally sensitive. It includes quality teaching resources involving ICT and appropriate contexts for learning. It supports identification of the student’s strengths and weaknesses and can be used to support learning and development. It progresses our students seamlessly into Cambridge International Examinations such as Cambridge International Primary Achievement Test, IGCSE, A level and AS Level. Syllabuses are regularly reviewed and revised to ensure the development of proficiency and knowledge of our students that reflect current subject developments.

We attain such excellence through the following:

  • Strict use of an English language only environment;
  • Regular learning through ICT (Information Communication Technology);
  • Development of problem solving skills;
  • Demonstration of techniques and skills relevant to the modern world;
  • Research and inquiry based learning;
  • International assessments and Qualifications (CIPAT; IGCSE; A & AS Level);
  • Greater social engagement in the Catholic education community;
  • Development of instructional leadership along with its dimensions appropriate for the 21st century learner;