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Science Film1 (shs)

SMAS SAINT PETER is a partner school of Goethe Institute Indonesia since 12 August 2010. A lot of benefits and advantages to be a partner, one of those is the yearly SFF. It is a fortune too, to have SFF, because the prepared films are always very encouraging for students (and even teachers) to have scientific experiments. And the theme of this year SFF is “HEALTH & WELL BEING”. By joining this SFF, students to be motivated not only to seriously learn German, but also to live in a healthful life and to have a sense of responsibility for their own lives and their environment, too. By doing so, students will hopefully be having a self-motivation to develop their talents and personality.

Since SMAS SAINT PETER to be a partner of Goethe Institute Indonesia, every year at least the best two students are getting full scholarship to have “sommer kurs” in Germany for almost one month. Some alumni are also having scholarship to study in some universities in Germany, and probably to work there, too.

There is a new commitment between Goethe Institute Indonesia and Saint Peter’s School to enlarge the scope of partnership. In a short time, besides SMAS SAINT PETER, hopefully SMP SAINT PETER and Lower and Upper Secondary of SPK Saint Peter’s School will become partner schools of Goethe Institute, too. Why? Because there is a new program of Goethe Institute which we call “STUDIEN BRUCKE”. This program prepares students who have willingness to study in Germany to prepare their German language start from year 7 and will be finished in year 12. Hopefully at that time they have already held a B2 Certificate, and other basic knowledge to study in Germany, and are able to go directly to the higher studies in any affiliated universities in Germany, soon after finishing their year 12, without any other foundation studies.

So, here we are! No doubt this kind of school is my dream! (JW).