Senior High

Senior High

Vision, Mission And Goals


To be the highest standard Catholic school providing excellence in education to advance our nation.


  1. To develop students’ knowledge and technology, talents and interests, skills and values, so that they are equipped to successfully compete within the global market of our fast changing world;
  2. To develop an independent and critical way of thinking, so that students are able to take a creative approach to make appropriate choices in their daily challenging situations;
  3. To develop character and responsible attitude based on the Catholic faith and values as part of the community of Saint Peter’s School; to be the light of the society.


Students are expected to :
  1. Have a deep faith in God (learning to trust in God);
  2. Have broad and deep knowledge (learning to know);
  3. Have skills to work (learning to do);
  4. Have maturity of self personality (learning to be);
  5. Have capability to live together (learning to live together).