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Welcome to saint Peter’s Senior High School web site……………………..

Saint Peter’s Senior High school is developed as a Catholic Educational Institution which provides qualified education in both national and international curriculum. It is trying hard to optimally develop students’ talents, interests, skills, academic knowledge and values to the highest standard in order that the students are ready to successfully compete within the global market place of our changing world. They are prepared to develop an independent way of thinking so as to come up
with a creative approach in making appropriate choices when facing challenging situations in everyday life. Moreover, they also learn to develop responsible biblical values and attitudes within the school and are expected to perform socially positive behavior within the wider community.

All students studying in this school are expected to have a broad and deep knowledge (learning to know), skills to work (learning to do), maturity of self personality (learning to be), capability to live together with others (learning to live together), global capability and horizon, and trust to God.

Academically, they are expected to have a high standard of academic quality not only in their National Curriculum subjects, especially on Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English, Economics and Accounting, Business Studies, Sociology, Geography and Computing but also in International Curriculum subjects such as gaining IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Examination) based on Cambridge International Examination, skills in scientific research, writing scientific paper, fluency (written and spoken) in English, capability in experimental science laboratory, capability to win in academic competitions such as: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English Language, Economics and Accounting, Sociology, Geography, and Computing.

Non-academically students are expected to have skills to use the up-to-date IT, capability to access global information, and organizational life skills in student organization. In addition, they will have the capability to achieve good reputation in arts, i.e. vocal, dance, music, etc, learn to be a leader, grow in faith and trust in God. Furthermore, they will have a sense of solidarity, capability to work together with students from other schools, good reputation in sports, such as: basket, volley, futsal, swimming, etc. and become creative, self supported, thought provoking and responsible people.

For your information, Saint Peter’s Senior High School has already created its memorable history. We are proud of having the graduates passing both National Examinations and Cambridge International Examinations with flying color results. I, therefore, need to appreciate all students who have already contributed good and sweet memories to our school which is continuously developing its educational services, not only in facilities which are becoming more complete, but also in its management and human resources. Moreover, after having trial and error process, Saint Peter’s School is going to perform its real identity as a catholic National Plus school which is oriented to be internationally standardized. This condition will surely give a better education system which is needed by all students as our new generation, who are creating and preparing their prosperous future.

The world has been changing so swiftly and has influenced all aspects in life including the education field. Saint peter school and its human resources are vigorously responsive to this change by tailoring appropriate approaches in preparing the students to be locally, nationally and internationally competitive. To achieve this noble target, we definitely need the support of all parties such as the government, foundation, teachers, administration staff, and students themselves. This kind of cooperation is the one that we have got so far and the one that we will always need. Finally as a principal, I would like to thank everyone that has taken part in developing the school to be a better place for our beloved students to study.



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