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Saint Peters School is able to maintain a strict admission procedure. Doing this allows us to recognize young talents with potential at an early stage.


Admission Requirements

  • Nursery 1 : 2 years
  • Nursery 2 : 3 years
  • K1: 4 years
  • K2: 5 years
  • Candidate students must pass the interview.
  • Candidate required to submit admission papers:
  • A copy of baptism certificate (Catholic or Christian).
  • A copy of birth certificate.
  • Recent Passport Size Photo
Candidate students should pass the interview Candidate should submit admission papers :
  • A copy of baptism certificate (catholic or Christian)
  • A copy of birth certificate
  • Original completed form of admission


Admission Requirements

  1. The birthday requirement is the latest 31 December 2007. Students born after this date unfortunately can not be admitted to Saint Peters Primary School.
  2. Student must have completed at least K-2/ or TK-B
  3. A written recommendation from the previous Kindergarten /school.
  4. A copy of the birth certificate.
  5. A copy of the Baptism certificate. ( only for Catholics)
  6. Personal interview in English and academic test for English and Mathematics.
  7. 5 color photographs size 3 X 4.

Junior High

Admission Requirements

1. Student must have completed at Primary Level
2. A written recommendation from the previous school
3. A copy of the birth certificate
4. A copy of the Primary (SKHUN-SD) certificate
5. A copy of the Baptism certificate (only for Catholics)
6. A copy Report Card grade 5 (first and second semester) and grade 6 (first semester).
7. The feeder school students do not need any test (only personal interview needed).
8. Non-feeder school students will have test (Matematika, Bhs. Indonesia, IPA and Bhs. Inggris) and interview.
9. Four pieces of colorful photographs size 3x4
10. A copy of Primary Certificate (STTB-SD)

Senior High

Admission Requirements

  1. Photocopy of the transcripts of Grade VII and VIII
  2. Photocopy of the prospective student’s birth certificate
  3. Photocopy of the family card
  4. Photocopy of the identity card of the student’s parent/guardian
  5. Photocopy of the prospective student’s baptismal certificate (only for catholic students)
  6. Pass written English and Mathematics tests (non-feeder students)
  7. Pass the English interview
  8. Two colored photographs sized 3 X 4 Cm.
Enroll now! Registration: SMA SAINT PETER Jalan Boulevard Timur Raya No. 8, Kelapa Gading, Jakarta Utara – 14240. Tel. (62.21) 452 4246 (Hunting); Fax (62.21) 452 2934


Admission Requirements

  • Two (2) copies of student passport or birth certificate
  • A copy of student candidate’s parent’s or guardian’s passport, identity card or Kitas
  • A copy of School transcript and record for the past year
  • Two (2) recent passport-sized colour photograph of the student candidate
  • Standardized testing results, if available
  • Psycho-Educational Reports, if applicable
  • $50 registration fee

General Policy

To be eligible for admission, a student must pass an entrance test, achieving a score greater than or equal to the pass mark determined by the School.

The test will consist of an item-banked test of English Language, Science and Mathematics designed for Schools by Cambridge International Examinations.

Exceptional candidates may be considered for placement in an academic year other than that of their chronological age. The admissions committee will consider each case on its merits and will decide eligibility taking into account written professional evidence that may be submitted.

Information regarding admissions will be available from September in the year previous to the year of admission.

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