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Welcome to Saint Peter’s Senior High School



Saint Peter’s Senior High School is established as a Catholic Educational Institution which provides qualified education in both national and international curriculum, in order that the students are ready to successfully compete in a global market of fast changing world. They are prepared to develop an independent and high order way of thinking in accordance with biblical values and they are hopefully able to act with a moral awareness wherever and whenever they are.

Starting this 2022-2023 new academic year, Saint Peter’s Senior High School is implementing independent curriculum, or “Kurikulum Merdeka”, for grade 10 students with additional subjects which are taken from Cambridge International Curriculum for IGCSE Level. By having these additional subjects, students are introduced with the international subject studies. We hope all students will be ready to compete with the global students, moreover at the end of their study at Saint Peter’s Senior High School, they will be ready to do their higher studies, whether abroad or domestic, in private or state universities.

The “Kurikulum Merdeka” emphasizes on how to build up the Pancasila Students. There are six profiles of Pancasila students which have to be planted in the heart and mind of each student.  those are: having faith and afraid to God, self-support, collaboration, global diversity, critical thinking, and creativity.

Other new approach of “Kurikulum Merdeka” is no more having a categorial stream such as natural science, or social science, or language. Here students will be given an opportunity to choose subjects which appropriate with their interest and personality. It is a new penetration of our national education system.

A student who has a plan to study in the medicine faculty for instance, in grade 11 and 12 he/she must study all general subjects such as Religion, Citizenship, Indonesian language, English, Mathematics, Arts, Physical Education, and History and to support his/her plan of doing the medicine faculty, he/she is able to choose Biology and Chemistry. In this case he/she is allowed not to take Physics. But sometimes happens his/her plan changed in the middle of his/her studies. To accommodate this kind of case, then he/she is given opportunity to choose sociology for instance, and he/she is also allowed not to take economics or geography.

How about foreign languages at Saint Peter’s Senior High School? It is compulsory students must select whether German or Mandarin start from grade 10.

Another important teaching and learning process of “Kurikulum Merdeka” is a learning based on the projects. By these projects, we hope students will deeply understand their higher way of thinking on the concept and competency of each subject. There are seven projects students have to work during their study in Senior High School. Those are sustainable lifestyle, local wisdom, unity in diversity, building up body and soul, the voice of democracy, engineering and technology, and entrepreneurship.

Personality and character development has not enough been expected to emerge from the academic activities only however excellent it is. In a normal situation and during covid-19 pandemic, to increase the emotional intelligence and find out and develop talents, all students have obligatorily to follow scout as a compulsory extra-curriculum and one other extra-curriculum whether on sports or arts. Beside those activities, we oblige all students to join virtual personal development trainings during this covid-19 pandemic, or in a normal condition we provide character building activities, such as a mental development training for grade 10 students, Live-In at a remote village for grade 11 students, and spiritual retreat for grade 12 students.

As a catholic school we oblige all students to have a daily spiritual exercise. To open our daily activities, students have to join morning prayer and reflection on the word of God in the Bible, and even students by turns with teachers have to lead those morning prayer and reflection. At mid-day we stop all activities and focus our mind and heart to pray the angelus prayer, and of course to end up our daily activities we close it with a closing prayer. By these spiritual exercises we hope the spiritual intelligence of each student will improve and it is what we mean with having faith and afraid to God as the first value of “Pancasila Student”.

Is there some specific and excellent of Saint Peter’s Senior High School? Sure. Our school is a partner school of Goethe Institute Indonesia. What is the benefit for students to be her partner? All students who choose German as their chosen foreign language are allowed to appear and hold A1, A2, B1 certificates, and of course they have an opportunity to join a three-week summer course in Germany freely. Moreover, they have a good change to study their higher studies in Germany and probable work there.

Last but not least, as a principal we wholeheartedly welcome parents, students, and candidate students to be with us at Saint Peter’s Senior High School, a way to strive the future success.

Dra. B. Ridwanita H., M.Pd