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Mr. Anto Welcome to St. Peter Junior High School

It is a pleasure to welcome you to Saint Peter’s Junior High School—a catholic school in the Saint Peter spirit. We offer an education that establishes strong roots, builds solid faith, and strives to reach excellence in all things, academics, and non-academics. 

Teaching and learning at Saint Peter’s Junior High School promotes a culture of intellectual rigor and high academic standards. Our students are encouraged to be curious, think critically, and be kind and inclusive. Every day, our students are challenged to reach their full potential. We create a positive and fun learning environment where we work as a team to achieve our goals. We provide mentoring programs such as peer mentors, senior student mentors, subject teacher mentors, and alumni mentors that help students bring out their best. We instill an understanding in students not only to receive knowledge but also to share knowledge.

As a Catholic School, we strive to form students who live fully when they live not only for themselves, but also for others. We encourage them to take part in creating a better world. Through acts of service in our programs, we instill and motivate within our students a profound sense of social responsibility.

We put our faith in God.With the spirituality of Saint Peter, we live.
We start our day by praying and listening to the word of God.
We ended our activity with God's blessing in prayer.


We look forward to welcoming you into our wonderful community.


Best Regards,

Paulus Dwi Hardianto, S.S., M.Hum.
Principal of Saint Peter's Junior High School