Reading and meditation on the Word of God, Monday of the 2nd week in ordinary time, January 17, 2022; memorial of Saint Anthony, Abbot.

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The bridegroom is still with them. Reading and meditation on the Word of God on Monday of the 2nd week in ordinary time, January 17, 2022. Reading is delivered by Yovita Della Herpriyanti and meditation is delivered by Sri Drama Siahaan from Saint Peter's School in Jakarta, Indonesia. 1 Samuel 15: 16-23; Rs psalm 50: 8-9.16bc-17.21.23; Mark 2: 18-22.


Our meditation today has the theme: God Makes Changes. There was an Indonesian spending some momets during holidays in the city of Paris, France. He bought a branded and costly new shoes. When he arrived in Indonesia, he learned that the shoes were made in Indonesia. Globalization really makes this world a city and a common market. Globalization is changing many aspects of life.

There were 20 persons having a parish committee meeting. Towards the end of meeting, someone said that the food was ready for lunch. Even though from the beginning there was no special table arranged for food. Everybody then realized that food and drinks were ordered through an online application. Technology really makes life so easy and moving so fast.

Although we recognize that globalization and technology play a major role in changing our lives, as believers we must acknowledge even more that these changes happen in God's hands. God organizes our lives, advances in technology, and widespread globalization. God indeed makes changes.

The rapid globalization and technological advancements are able to provide answers to our various needs today. But the exact happening regarding our destiny in the future is not yet clear. Even the most learned person on this earth does not have a precise answer.  The only One who makes all things clear is God. We live our lives daily, illuminated by the light of His mercy and the power of His Word, which gives us the certainty of life.

Our only certainty is God's will. God is in the world because the mission He does is to make changes. If it's not for change, He doesn't need to come. He had to change the king Saul who was found guilty of sins, who was disobedient, and who wanted to gain fame for himself. God replaced Saul with a new leader. Various changes must be understood that God sees and allows them to happen, even though a change can cause us pain.

Jesus uses the parable of the new wine which must be stored in a new wineskin or jar, to encourage us that change must indeed occur in our lives. The world of politics, economics, technology, globalization, the environment also changes and God does not let it happen without His control. Anyone who doesn't follow the flow of change,  he or she is left behind.

Whatever changes happen in us must be the changes in the light of faith. This means changing on the basis of the old pattern with evil and sin. So that the change is about a new life and a better world that we inhabit. Let us together with Saint Anthony, Abbot to make a resolution to start our day better and make a change in ourselves and our environment.

Let's pray. In the name of the Father ... O generous Lord, fill and guard our lives today with your power that we can renew our lives to become a better one. Hail Mary full of grace ... In the name of the Father ...