Reading and meditation on the Word of God on Tuesday of the 34th week in ordinary time, November 23, 2021

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"God will found a kingdom that will never die and will destroy all the kingdoms. Reading and meditation on the Word of God on Tuesday of the 34th week in ordinary time, November 23, 2021. Reading is delivered by Putri Sasmita from SMK Stella Maris Labuan Bajo and meditation is delivered by Fhesty Maria Faustin from Catholic Religious High School Saint John Paul II Seminary Labuan Bajo, Indonesia. Daniel 2: 31-45; Rs psalm T Daniel 3: 57-61; Luke 21: 5-11."


Our meditation today has the theme: Nature's Determination Cannot Be Resisted. Naturally, our bodies and all living things are subject to the laws of nature. Our skin cannot survive very cold or very hot temperatures. We will be tired and breathless after running on the road uphill for several kilometers. The leaves will fall and then crumble to the ground. Homes and cities that had been in their glory now only rubble ruin. All living things will die.

This is called the law of determination, that is, our lives are determined or destined to obey and follow what nature wants. In fact, it is not only natural events that determine, but also human actions beyond the limits of common sense for example the problem of war, discrimination, intolerance and various forms of violence, are all happening in this world. Original sin has made our lives inevitably accept the fact that we must struggle, defend ourselves and be willing to accept that in time we will die and leave this world.

Daniel, a wise young man who along with his three Jewish brothers worked in the service of the Persian king Nebuchadnezzar, gave an understanding of the determination of nature and the life of this world to the king who did not believe in God. The mighty and authoritative kingdom of all the earth will be destroyed and only its name will remain. Jesus also stated that the beautiful temple would be crushed to the ground. Then there will be extraordinary natural disasters and infectious diseases throughout the face of the earth. Life in this world is only temporary.

All predictions will be proven one by one with the passage of time. All life must be subject to the laws of nature that go in the same rhythm with the changing times. None of us can intervene, organize and stop even with our greatest technological capabilities. Technology and political power are incompatible with God's wisdom and will. Then God allows and enables humans to use technology and politics to advance and become great. However, God makes nature and its laws to remain sovereign and more powerful over the world. Everything is subject to that nature.

Even God himself cannot prevent the natural will from happening and it is time for the body and matter of this world to come to the end of their life. God does not prevent or stop what nature wills. God's will is certain, that is, for the temporal world, let it be destroyed and died, and therefore, let the divine power remains in eternity, namely the kingdom of God, the Triune God. We all certainly believe in this truth.

Let's pray. In the name of the Father... Our Lord Jesus, bless us as individuals, families and communities, so that we may always look to You in hope for eternal life for all of us. Glory to the Father... In the name of the Father...