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Our meditation today has the theme: Relying on God Through Humans. The well-known story of
Lazarus and the nameless rich man would be an interesting catechesis for all of us. This story can
be used to enrich the content of teaching about relying completely on God on the one hand, and
on the other hand expecting the goodness of fellow human beings where God's love is found.
Lazarus is shown as a person with very limited possibilities to make a living in the world.
According to our standard of faith, God should have used the rich man to help Lazarus, but that
didn't happen. The prophet Jeremiah in the first reading reminds believers to rely on God for
their sustenance in life. Lazarus and all of us really need God's intervention for our survival.
What is inappropriate is when someone is in trouble in life, he or she does not remember and
does not even need God.

Lazarus and many other people with the same situation have always existed in this world. They
live with other people who are more fortunate or who have enough for their needs. Said the
evangelist Mark, "The poor are always with you" (Mk 14,3). What is more concrete, we can see
in a parish. This local Church always has layers of people who live in poverty. The Church then
has a ministry that pays attention to them so they can make a living. Collections and donations
made in the parish, one of its uses is of course for this purpose. This description is enough to
explain that this Lazarus group relies on God through others in a community of faith.
But everything is not always smooth and becomes an adequate form of service.

The point is that the Lazarus class may not necessarily get what they need. God's intervention may not be carried
out through fellow human beings who are more fortunate in life. Jesus very clearly shows that
the Lazarus class really need help. What is crucial is that capable people can contribute, unable
to become an extension of God's hand to help the Lazarus group. That's what Jesus really wants
to emphasize.

That means their sin is a sin of negligence or omission which should not have happened in the
life of the same congregation, community and faith. They do not realize what was mentioned
earlier "relying on God through others." The consequences are obvious, as we have heard in the
Bible earlier.

Let's pray. In the name of the Father... O good Jesus, make us always aware of and carry out our
obligations as Your followers, which is to help ease the burdens of our neighbours who are
suffering. Hail Mary full of grace... In the name of the Father...