Saint Peter’s Catholic School, a place to establish strong roots, build solid faith, and to reach academic excellence.

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Saint Peter’s Catholic School, a place to establish strong roots, build solid faith, and to reach academic excellence.

At Saint Peter’s Catholic School (SPCS), our mission is to inspire a passion for learning that encourages and enables all individuals to reach their highest potential. SPCS is a great place for children to learn, grow, and develop the critical thinking and problem solving skills they will need as productive citizens.

Our mission is two-fold: First, as a Catholic School, we aim to “teach as Jesus taught” by instilling a solid Christian foundation built on attitudes, values, and virtues which Christ holds up to each child. Secondly, as educators we strive to develop an instructional program responsive to school and community needs and to various abilities and talents of our students in order that development of the whole child takes place.

We, who serve at SPCS, are aware of the unique value and goodness of all we serve. We are called to be followers of Jesus, our TEACHER and SERVANT, and challenged to continue HIS MISSION using the GOSPEL VALUES as our lesson plans for life. We strive to accomplish this by: providing an atmosphere of loving care that assists all in recognizing their unique gifts for service to the church, the family and the community, proclaiming and fostering GOSPEL VALUES in all academic, social, and athletic activities, and preparing one another for our journey to the KINGDOM where we will create a joyful noise unto the LORD

A personal approach means each child can gain the confidence they need to excel. The feeling of home is one of the most distinctive characteristics of SPCS. It very much feels like a large family with a common interest of raising our children together, creating confident students who feel safe to try new things.  Enrichment programs give each student a world of learning. In addition to the core subjects, each student is exposed to computer, music, art, and physical education. SPCS is committed to the idea that all children need to be exposed to a wide variety of subject matter. SPCS prepares students for a successful university experience and beyond. SPCS graduates go on to college and universities around the world, where they are highly successful.

The community of SPCS is bound by faith and is committed to the teachings of Jesus Christ and the message of God’s love as found in Scripture. Students, teachers, and parents are recognized for their unique ability to think and reason as members of a faith-filled community.

The educational process offers opportunities to deepen the faith of its members and develop a unique relationship between God, ourselves, and others. SPCS strives to create an atmosphere of respect imbued with strong Christian values that will enable students to weave their faith with academic achievements.  The endeavor of the faculty is to develop the whole person: affection, mind, body, and personal and social development. Believing that all students are unique and should be provided with equal opportunities to learn, differentiated instruction must be provided. Employing a variety of teachings methods reflect our belief that all children can learn.

Influenced by the teachings of Jesus Christ, we consider stewardship a way of life. We resolve ourselves to cultivate a commitment to serve others, and in doing so develop responsible leaders. Why choose St. Peter’s Catholic School? Selecting the right school for your child is a major decision. Ten (10)  years ago, SPCS was established to assist parents with this great responsibility. SPCS faculty and staff are dedicated to giving your child the very best. What do we mean by that?
  • The Best Academic Preparation for Future Success. Catholic schools have traditionally excelled in providing children with the strongest preparation for future success in colleges and careers, year after year.  Catholic schools consistently outperform other schools in the fundamental areas of reading, English language skills, mathematics and science. St. Peter’s shares this Catholic tradition of academic excellence.
  • Test of Basic Skills Results. The Test of Basic Skills is an achievement test for K-12 students. The test allows parents to compare your child’s scores to children across the country in Reading, Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, and Science. The very same skills Catholic schools excel in teaching–reading, writing, language arts, mathematics, social studies and science–are crucial skills today’s child needs to thrive in tomorrow’s world. The future will require strong reading and comprehension skills, the ability to analyze and evaluate a constant stream of new ideas, and the flexibility to adapt to continuous technological changes and innovation. The future will reward those who are lifelong learners. Your child’s bright future begins with the strong academic preparation for ongoing learning that St. Peter’s provides.
  • Christian Character Development.  Academics alone won’t guide a child through the turbulent years of adolescence and the challenges of adult life. The Catholic faith provides every child with a solid foundation to begin to make good decisions based on authentic Gospel values. We nurture the spiritual development of our students through daily prayer, Holy Mass, and direct instruction in the teachings of the Catholic Church. Self-discipline and humility, honesty and integrity are modeled and taught in a loving environment. A young person of exceptionally good character is the hallmark of the Catholic school graduate. Not surprisingly, the Catholic School environment has produced many outstanding church, civic and business leaders, well-known authors, scientists, and philanthropists.
  • Community Awareness and Responsibility.  Our students learn to know and love their Creator, to see others as made in the image and likeness of God, to use their talents and abilities responsibly, and to work for the greater good in our neighborhoods and towns, our country and our world. At SPCS, faith is a lived experience with service to others integrated into daily school life. All students participate in community service projects, giving them the opportunity to serve those in need and support their local communities.
  • Small Classes.  Research has shown that smaller class size gives each child more opportunity to receive individual attention. Interestingly, if an attentive environment is lacking in the early years, it may be harder for a middle school student to develop effective self-discipline and work habits for later academic and professional success. Here at SPCS, each child is nurtured, known, and cherished as a gift of God, with a unique human potential. There is no crowd for children to get lost in. Parents often say they chose SPCS because of our small classes, which research shows, is the best environment for young children.
  • Diversity.  Though our classes are small, the ethnic background of our students is diverse, their families coming from around the corner and around the world. All are invited to join our school family. In addition to Catholicism, students from other religious backgrounds attend SPCS. Our school mission is based on the Gospel, proclaiming God’s love to all and extending a warm welcome to all who enter our doors.
What is the purpose for the existence of Catholic schools?  SPCS exist for a threefold ministry or service:
  1. To teach doctrine. Doctrine is concerned with the message of hope that is contained in the Gospel.  Doctrine presents us with the unbelievably marvelous “Good News” that God is our Father who showed us through his son, Jesus, that He loves us with unconditional love, and shares his life with us through His Holy Spirit.
  2. To build a Christian Community as a reality to be lived every day by its members.  From the very beginning the child must be introduced into a community of learning and living, a community of love for, and service to others.  This community involves children, teachers, parents and priests.
  3. To be of service to all mankind.  As a vibrant living community, it does not look in upon itself, but looks outward to all people without exception:  their needs, their suffering, their climb upward to fulfillment in Christ.
What is the purpose of education at SPCS?  Education in a Catholic school is not given for the purpose of gaining power, but as an aid towards a fuller understanding of, and communion with man, events, and things. Knowledge is not to be considered as a means of material prosperity and success, but as a call to serve and to be responsible for others. What makes SPCS a unique school? SPCS permeated by the gospel spirit of freedom and love, is unique because:
  • Its stated purpose and goals are linked explicitly with Jesus Christ;
  • Its values, ideas, and attitudes are derived from Sacred Scripture;
  • The liturgy and sacraments of the church are given expression in the life of the school;
  • The purpose of the school is a reflection of faith and gives full view of the application of the gospel;
Come and see for yourself why SPCS is the place to establish strong roots, build solid faith, and to reach academic excellence.