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Reading and meditation on the word of God on Monday of the Thirty-third week in Ordinary Time, November 20, 2023

Our meditation today has the theme: This is our prayer: Oh my God, May I See. The expression of this sentence is not just an invitation, but also the recognition that our ability to see with spiritual eyes is often inadequate. Often spiritual eyes or our eyes of faith blur and even blind. Then we need to empower our eyes of faith that we may able to see. With the eyes of faith, we can see beyond the physical reality that exists.

A number of Israelites went to the King Antiochus Epiphanes and they were given the right by the King to obey the customs and tradition of other foreign nations. Then they built a sports arena in Jerusalem according to the ways of other nations. This is one episode of the first reading taken from the first book of Maccabee. There was a conflict among the believers. Those who consistently followed the way of God, saw God very clearly. On the other hand, those who moved away and believe in idols, their eyes were blocked to see God.

The similar situation is also described in the Gospel. A number of people with motivation of the spirit of the world wanting to prevent the meeting of Jesus with the blind person who was hoping to get healing and to be able to see. Meanwhile the blind person had faith, so he saw and called the Lord. Our lives are also divided between clear eyes and blurred eyes or even blind eyes.

Those who are consistent and faithful can be considered to have a vision of faith that is clear, bright, and visible. This is not only a matter of vision or sight, but more than that is a belief. It is about faith. The eyes of their faith really shaped their lives as believers, so that even though they were in difficulties, threats and persecutions, it is the faith that defends their lives. They see and experience disasters, murder, hunger, illness and absence of supports, they will respond to them with a belief in faith that sustain all their conducts and ways of life as humans.

But maybe many of us have difficulty to see with the eyes of faith. Maybe we who are hearing this reflection are not among those who worship idols, or who have left their true faith and who are hostile to the believers. That is just a general assumption. But it could be true, that we often experience certain difficulties either spiritual or physical, we are unable to respond them with the attitude of our faith. Many times we immediately think negatively, or see them only in terms of outward and material viewpoints. Consequently, our souls are fragile and we are easily discouraged. If our souls are strong, our faith is firm, the vision of our faith is clear, we will still rely on God in the whole ways of our lives. Then our prayers should be in this way: Oh my God, may I see You clearly.

Let's pray. In the name of the Father ... O Father of all wisdom, make us able to see with the eyes of faith on the reality of our lives, especially in the difficulties and suffering in this life. Hail Mary full of grace ... In the name of the Father ...